The story of the Crudgington family worldwide.

The Crudgingtons take their name from the small village of Crudgington, in Shropshire, England, mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086. The earliest that I have traced was Thomas Crogeton, a sheep farmer in the small village of Newton, in the parish of Worfield near Bridgnorth, Shropshire. He was born about 1420, and died in 1483. Nearly all the Crudgingtons alive today descend from him.

It was a hard life and they struggled to survive.  One crossed the Atlantic around 1700, settling in Maryland. His descendants spread over the southern states , fighting on both sides in the American Civil War (read America for a summary,). Although lowly, the family have left behind a wealth of records, both in England and America, that vividly illustrate their times - from the reformation under Henry VIII in England, to slavery in America.

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 American Civil War   

There's a tale of seven Crudgington brothers from Tennessee who fought on opposite sides in the Civil War. I think that I've found them. Read here for details,

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